J6 Software


Justinian6 Software is an independent studio that creates, develops, and implements custom Minecraft plugins and libraries. Since 2010 we have developed several free resources for the SpigotMC community, notably Loot Chests with over 10,000 downloads. We have worked on various projects ranging from custom entity controls, bungee networking solutions, specialized world generation, and Redis integration. Our specialty is mini-game design and custom game mode creation.

Public Projects

Source code is available on our Bitbucket Server. Interested in becoming a contributor? Create an account on our Atlassian Portal. Latest plugin builds can be found on Jenkins before SpigotMC. Find a bug? Have a new feature you'd like to see added to an existing plugin? Create a ticket on Jira to let us know and receive updates.

Private Projects

If you have an original plugin idea but do not know how to code it, let's build it together! Project pricing is determined by feature level, complexity, and timeframe. To get a quote, please reach out!